My strongest belief is that being present and truthful to yourself is the key to a long harmonious life. I believe in evolving and enjoying every stage of life and help others do the same. I specialize in working with individuals towards a harmonious life, healthy and balanced body, mind and spirit by combining the most effective modalities of coaching, energy healing and energy techniques.

My calling about self love, significance and certainty is driven by my own journey from lack of conviction to self love and growth. I am a wife, mommy of 2 amazing children and the queen of my home. I love everything family, spiritual,exercising, yoga, dance, sweet foods, fashion, travel and wellness. I am a Transformational Coach, Accredited, Certified International EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) Practitioner, I am using Advanced Integrative Energy Approaches as Simple Energy Techniques, Intention Based Energy Process and Provocative Energy Techniques, Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Axiatonal Alignment Practitioner, Flower Bach Remedy Consultant, Master Manifestor, Financial Services Planner and still love adding to my "Whole-listic" practice to serve you for your highest and greater good. It is my absolute honor to be on this path and to share what I can with others as they make their way along their path.