My deepest desire and what energizes me deeply is guiding women towards living a conscious and exuberant life, experiencing deeper levels of awareness and understanding, releasing thoughts and beliefs that are impacting their physiology in a very real way. I share powerful yet simple energy psychology techniques and use energy heeling methods to experience calm, clarity and focus. All witch you will have full access to. I believe in evolving and enjoying every stage of life and help others do the same. Just like the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, you will also experience deep states of consciousness from one dimensions to another, from knowing something to the surface, then undergoing a deep experience that leads to a whole new capacity and perception. We are all UNIQUE BEINGS therefore The Art of Being is a remarkably human path of personal and spiritual growth. Touching, passionate, humorous, and celebrative, it is potent in its power to transform and awaken to psychological and spiritual happiness! If what you desire is living in alignment and learn the ART of BEING then I am honored to guide you!

My longing for living an exuberant and conscious life lead me on this path of self healing and personal development. I am blessed to live as a absolutely involved, joyful woman, wife, mother, definitely a Master Manifestor, yogi, meditator, Transformational Coach, Accredited Certified International EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) Practitioner who is using Advanced Integrative Energy Approaches as Simple Energy Techniques, Intention Based Energy Process and Provocative Energy Techniques to dissolve unconscious beliefs that aren't allowing one to reach their true potential, life goals and desires. Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Axiatonal Alignment Practitioner, Flower Bach Remedy Consultant are some of the powerful energy healing techniques I incorporate uniquely with support from the DIVINE SOURCE. I am deeply engrossed in everything energy related, spiritual, meditation, ancient yoga, mysticism, nature, wellness, dance, travel and fashion. It is my absolute honor to witness your journey as you transform just like a butterfly going through metamorphism...small changes give rise to a magical wave. SHINE BRIGHT!