No matter your gender, we all have divine feminine and masculine energies swirling inside us, working together to keep us balanced. 

The divine masculine looks like the sun: structure, fire energy, bright colors, and vibrant music. The divine feminine looks like the moon: fluidity, calming energy, soft colors, and soothing music.

Your INNER GODDESS is your feminine energy. She’s that part of your soul who is fully connected with the divine feminine. Tapping into this divine feminine energy allows you to live life guided by your intuition and to be in perfect flow with the absolute magic of the universe. Once you pay attention to her, she shines.  

11 Ways to Access and Ignite Your Divine Feminine INNER GODDESS

1. Prioritize

Practice self-love and self-care until you have a true, core-value belief that you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Seeing the absolute beauty in yourself and your environment creates a truthful relationship with the universe.

Grounding or Earthing a powerful way to connect with Mother Earth. BE outside often, walk bare foot on the grass, sand, submerse yourself  in lakes, rivers, oceans, sun bathing, moon gazing, butterfly gazing, humming birds gazing, picking rocks, even nurturing some of your own plant babes…so many beautiful ways to connect with the EARTH. Find YOUR WAY!

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2. Be all inclusive

See everyone and everything as a part of you. Treat others how you wish to be treated – of course, with pure love as your intention. Tapping into your “gut feelings” (AKA intuition) will guide you to map out your positive and negative waves of energy. This will allow you to connect to your boundaries and know your own perfect flow of being and living. Let your divine feminine intuition guide you, don’t fight the flow and always do your best to stay in the frequency of all inclusiveness.

3. Adorn Yourself

Every day, put on something that makes you feel your “truth” – your love for your wholesome Inner Goddess beauty, inside and out. Your favorite color, favorite outfit, jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, anything that makes you feel “I am a Goddess.” It’s all in the details, and confidence is key!

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4. Adorn Your Space

Create your version of a  CONSACRATED SPACE. A positively energized space is a context that promotes wellbeing, happiness, and freedom.

Decorate your space – your room or your whole house – in a way that allows a submersion into YOU. Everything you choose to put your own beauty, energy, and truth into, is you. Buy yourself a bouquet of magical flowers once a month to keep in your kitchen for a daily reminder of beauty. Re-arrange everything in your room each season to keep the energy fresh. What makes you feel good? Surround yourself with THAT.

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5. Create Rituals

(rit·u·al: /ˈriCH(o͞o)əl/ adjective: (of an action) arising from convention or habit.) Set in place some habits that equal your version of radical self-love. Whether it be something you do first thing in the morning, treating yourself once a month to something you desire, or a weekly planned bubble bath – anything can become a ritual for you!  There is power in routine because it is a way to stay grounded and can be a reminder that you deserve attention.

Hatha Yoga is my everyday favorite.

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6. Spend Time Around Divine Feminine Goddess Energy

There is no better way to connect with your Inner Goddess than to be around other Goddesses doing the same. Plan dates with your best friends, attend divine feminine goddess gatherings to meet new people, and share stories with feminine family members or mentors in your life. Find your own version and share your experience with the world around you!

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7. Meditate

Create a meditation & mindfulness practice that works for your lifestyle. It can be as simple as just sitting with eyes closed or open and just breath for a few minutes or it can be that you have a favorite that you enjoy. 

A yoga and meditation process that changed my life and I am doing daily since 2019 called Shambavi Mahamudra.

Shambhavi Mahamudra – What is Unique About It? ( 

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8. Plan

There are many things in life that are outside of your control, but how you spend your time is not one of them. Get clear on what needs to get done, what you want to get done  and what must get done … NEEDS, WANTS, MUSTS. Write down your to dos, desires, dreams and keep on adding when you feel inspired.

9. Move Your Body

Find creative and accessible ways to move the energy around in your body. When your physical body doesn’t get much movement or creative action, your energetic body also becomes stagnant. This can manifest as low motivation, low energy, “bad” days, or even depression and anxiety. As soon as you feel your energy tapping into these lower vibrations, take action! The first thing you can do that will surely change the direction and release the old energy is move. Find a flow in yoga, in dance, in running/working out, or even just taking a long walk in nature.

Yoga and Dance are my favorite ways to release stagnant energy as it brings in the divine feminine aspects of movement, intuition, and creative self-expression – all ways to ignite your Inner Goddess.

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10. Practice Self-Expression

Let your soul shine by expressing your thoughts and feelings through creative outlets. Creation is such a feminine concept and connecting to your creative self allows you to practice giving and receiving with the universe. Find a new hobby, a new yoga practice, a new meditation, dance,  indulge in art or music, write a poem – anything that lets your true, authentic self shine.

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11. Declutter 

Decluttering is a very powerful action one take to experience more freedom and clarity. Decluttering emotions, beliefs is as real as any physical thing we might have acquired through our life. I was featured to write this article because I am really passionate about decluttering IN and OUT and I think that both compliment each other tremendously. Not only I get to experience joy and freedom, also on the other end the ones in need experience joy in receiving.

Link to my featured article:

The POWER of Decluttering – National EFT Training Institute | Nancy Forrester (

Spark Your Divine Feminine Inner Goddess Everyday!

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This is an ever-unfolding blossom of a process, so jump on in – the water is warm! If you have found yourself here, you are ready, and most importantly, you deserve it.