April 13, 2018
April 18, 2018
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Harness The Power is a 12 sessions experience. Release energetic blocks and Receive healing guidance to achieve your life’s goals by incorporating the best WHOLE-listic modalities to serve you for your highest potential!



I’ll help you develop new ways to overcome old problems, and experience life in happier, more productive ways. Emotional Freedom is the freedom to pursue well-being in every form and dimension.

Together, we’ll find comfortable, effective ways to conquer the worry and situations that trouble you; to find the source of phobias and limiting beliefs about yourself and your place in the world; to find true freedom, letting go of old wounds, chronically bothersome conditions, and painful symptoms.

I’ll support and guide you in transforming your past to the present you desire and deserve.  EFT Tapping is simply the fastest, most efficient, and long-lasting tool we’ve found to release these troubles, tensions, limiting beliefs, wounds and pains.

Most of my clients now meet me via ZOOM sessions; they’re convenient, effective, and time-efficient. You’ll appreciate being able to avoid travel time, traffic, delays and experience services in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

The initial first session typically runs for 90 minutes, while follow-up sessions average 90 minutes. Each session has a goal that is related to the overall problem or issue you’re experiencing;  we’ll always work collaboratively on both the goal and the outcomes which means you are an equal part of our work together.

Together we’ll explore and release the many aspects that keep old limiting beliefs and troubling childhood events showing up in your present-day life. Several tools, techniques, and protocols are used alongside EFT Tapping, as appropriate to each individual and situation.

The first session is 90-minutes and an average of 90-minutes thereafter.  

You may also schedule Tapping Intensives, either a half-day or full-day spent in dedicated discovery on a particular issue.

$2,997 USD