April 17, 2021

I came to be happy in LIFE coaching for a reset, to obtain clarity about who I am and my purpose.

At the time of the first session I was hoping for someone to help me emotionally through a difficult time but not just to console me but inspire and provide direction and produce momentum in my life in a completely different set of circumstances. From the first session Claudia assisted me greatly in establishing goals.

Coaching did get me thinking about my goals and responsibilities in a helpful, realistic and motivating way. Claudia’s presence was a source of security and inspiration through a difficult time. I now have a belief in myself as a parent (a parent coach). Claudia displayed a genuine interest in my wellbeing and put so much effort into explaining concepts. Claudia is warm and caring and willing to give herself for the benefit of others.

My words for others experiencing similar difficulties are: Time heals.

You are a unique person who has strengths and abilities that you don’t realise you have yet, but with direction you will come to trust in your unconscious to provide wisdom to gently restore your faith and purpose in life.

Thank you Claudia for your unconditional support!