• Aliya Ladha
    I have experienced more growth, more wisdom , and learned more about myself in the last six months that I have been working with Claudia, than I have in my entire life. I have experienced tremendous relaxation and relief from our healing sessions. During our Mastering The Power mentoring sessions Claudia has a unique and powerful ability to listen to my challenges and provide me with guidance on how to heal,not repeat past actions and figure out my own solutions. The outcome is tremendous self love, confidence and ability to see things from different perspective. I will forever be grateful to Claudia and will always carry the healing tools I've learned from her. I highly recommend Claudia to all woman who want to be free of what is not serving them, and bring joy and happiness to their personal lives and relationships.
    Aliya Ladha
    Associate Director, Account Management, Banks, Brokers and Exchanges
  • Yvonne Chan
    "Claudia is a very kind and compassionate transformational coach. I requested her coaching services earlier this year when I was between jobs. During our sessions Claudia provided me with the space to connect with my inner child. She was very patient with me and I learned many things about myself and my limiting beliefs. Claudia has connected me with my inner child which really meet and exceeded my goal. I enjoy Claudia as a transformational coach, she is very fun and she challenges me to be real. My 6 year old inner child has connected with her and sees her as a friend. I will recommend Claudia as a coach because she will use her heart to serve you."
    Yvonne Chan
    Administrated Support Professional
  • Diana Poida
    "I have been working with Claudia for the last few months on Mastering The Power program. I enjoyed tremendously the reiki session and our mentoring sessions. I love Claudia's approach of Life Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping! Claudia helped me understand myself and recognize where I need changes. The benefits form our sessions are tremendous, I  currently working at my new dream job and many other things have changed for the better. After a session with Claudia you will feel light, relaxed and your mind will be clear about situations, people and next steps to follow. I am very happy to work with her in a time of changes in my life and I recommend her to anybody who wants to understand themselves better and make positive changes to all areas of their life. I am very exited to keep on working with her. Claudia is truly amazing! "
    Diana Poida
    Claudia had been instrumental in teaching me how how to turn my life into a blessing.  I have never been truly this happy. Thanks to Claudia's techniques,  resources and support, I am able to live the balanced life I have always been seeking. She has taught me how to be present,  how to deal with my nagging negative thinking and release energy blocks. I have lost weight, have better relationships and am able to handle stress in a much healthier way. Thank you Claudia for your role in my happiness!!
    Business Owner
  • Linda Heredia
    "Claudia's coaching and healing is truly magical! She has the beautiful gift to help clients step into their heart's desires so they ca experience so much more joy in their lives. I am so grateful for Claudia's guidance and healing in my own journey of growth and transformation!"
    Linda Heredia
    Holistic Wellness Expert