The importance of waiting and listening qualities in life

  • Waiting was always considered a higher quality than doing because all actions have a beginning and an end but waiting can be eternal
  • It is said that just by waiting can transform themselves
  • If anything, beautiful must happen in your life you have to learn to wait. Suppose u want to have a garden in your property, if u r in a rush that u must have flowers tomorrow morning in your garden ten you will have to buy plastic flowers and put them there, otherwise you ll have to plant and wait. Same if you want to have baby you have to wait to deliver the baby, so there is a waiting quality to life …you just have to wait because everything beautiful in the universe happens like this IF YOU CREATE THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS AND YOU WAIT THEN IT WILL HAPPEN


  • TO WAIT you must have an enormous sense of love and commitment to something otherwise you cannot wait.


  • Today we are learning is the inability to wait. Back in the days people had to travel for days or weeks or months to get somewhere , today we can do it in 5 hours by different means of transportation and we are always checking the time…when r we getting there…faster, faster, faster.


  • We must know how to wait


  • Listening is just a part of waiting


  • This is something everyone of us should practice and we should teach our children that how much time one spends in expression it should be same amount of time spent in perception. Right now, this a world of overexpression. We must spend enough time in perception before we express only then our expression will be of a great quality. If u r are all expression and no perception than you have a virtual life on social media…hahaha